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Writer * Pro-Democracy Advocate
Entrepreneur * Culture & Community Crafter

Thank you for visiting. I'm Luella Schmidt. I am the creator of Mirror in the Sky, a virtual community that explores the 100 Best Albums, Movies, and Novels. When I began this project, it was an interesting thing to do by myself during the pandemic, spending time with some of the best works we've created as humans. It quickly made me more optimistic, more humble, and simultaneously more aware of my own power. It also gave me greater faith in humanity, at exactly the time when I needed it. 

If exploring the world's best—and most approachable—art sounds fun to you, join the Meetup Community and you'll receive an invitation to each virtual event. They are free to attend. The Mirror in the Sky Medium publication is dedicated to the writers of these works of art. Write for us or read some of the stories others have written. Say hello!

Stifler the cat

I am the author of the America This Week series on Medium, where I write about the state of the world's democracies, especially mine. I come from a farming and military family. In elementary school, I wrote an essay called “What Democracy Means To Me” for a grade-wide contest, and I won! Yay Democracy! This experience kicked off a lifelong interest in history, politics, and writing.

I'm honored to serve as Board President of the Wisconsin Writers Association, which is a volunteer-run nonprofit whose mission is to encourage, educate, celebrate, and promote writers. You can also catch me co-hosting the WWA podcast, Midwest Writers Room.

I founded the accounting and human resources firm, Fine Point Consulting in Madison, Wisconsin, which supports 35 employees in a dozen states. Here, I used my systems-inclined brain to tell stories with numbers and to mentor others. I crafted an acclaimed workplace culture grounded in fairness, dignity, and so much fun and laughter. I made memories with some of the finest people I've ever met.

I am wife to Roger and human to dog Cece and cat Stifler. Proud GenXer.

I like laughing, being in love, drinking on patios, and storytelling.

Thank you for spending time with my words.

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