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Mirror in the Sky


In 2020, I began a quest to listen to the 100 best albums, watch the 100 best movies, and read the 100 best novels.


After a decade of growing a small business and caring for a disabled parent with dementia, I was burned out and bored. I was looking for a break, some joy, something cool to do during the endless pandemic.


I received so much more than that, and I want to share it with you.

The name is inspired by Stevie Nicks' lyrics in "Landslide", a great old song that is a reflection on our insecurities and uncertainties about the future, just ambiguous enough to let you add your own meaning. Stevie is one of my all-time favorite humans. She's been singing to me my whole life.

Join the Meetup Community and you'll receive an invitation to each virtual event. Pick your favorite medium or mix and match. These are super chill events, where everyone talks about what they liked or didn't like about the piece, and I love it when the conversation meanders to other music, movies, or books that have shaped us.

Visit or write with me for the Mirror in the Sky publication. Read about how Pet Sounds became my pandemic album, how James Joyce dragged me to Ireland, what it was like to read Ulysses in Dublin, and how watching Casablanca reminded me that history rhymes over and over again.

The publication is hosted on Medium, a site built for writers of all stripes. It's like social media without the assholes, and it's a delightful place to spend time with unique voices, experiences, and knowledge. It's important to craft your information spaces well, y'all. Make them meaningful.

When we surround ourselves with humanity’s best art, it changes us. It expands our perspective. It helps us practice empathy. It makes us feel more connected to each other. It gives us greater wisdom about the world and our place in it. It's an antidote to cowardly cynicism.  

Fall in love with the world again.

This project is dedicated to the writers of the works that inspire us. Keep creating.

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