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Kindness Changes the World: A Real-Life Example

A short story about the power of #kindness. When I first started my business, I didn’t know wtf I was doing. (Duh, no one does.) But I was really at a crossroads. Do I really want to pursue this business as my life?

A very well respected person in the business community spent time with me - a total nobody - for no reason other than to be kind & helpful.

Because of him, I had the courage to grow a small business & help our community in my own small way. Because of him, I felt inspired and I felt capable. Because of this act of kindness, I created jobs & a cool place to work, a place that helped other small businesses succeed, a place that donated to nonprofits that also helped our community.

I incorporated kindness into our core values to try to spread it to every person who ever worked for me. At least some of those people will go on to live that value in every workplace they ever bless.

My niece is inspired to do what I did so she decided to go back to school & get her degree. Her kids are going to have a different life because of that.

Kindness is so easy we forget how powerful it is. This small act has already changed hundreds of people’s lives directly, thousands indirectly, and reached into the next generation! Whoa, right?

Don’t take it for granted peeps. Small acts of kindness change the world. You just never know what you might inspire.

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